11 Jun 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we announce, after 15 years of changing lives through music teaching, the suspension of all classes at Piano-Girl Studio until further notice.
In April 2019, one of Pianogirl's closest family members was diagnosed with high-risk Stage 3B cancer. In order to spend more time with and care for him, as well as do more research and reading up on his disease, which is a rare type of sarcoma (GIST), the decision was eventually made by Pianogirl to cease all operations at Piano-Girl Studio.
Lessons will no longer be conducted either at our studio or students' homes.
Students whose books, scores and other material are still with us may contact us at any time to arrange for collection. Students can rest assured that we will not discard any of their belongings.
In the meantime, Pianogirl has been proud to join and contribute to the Life Raft Group, which provides support for GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumour) cancer patients worldwide. She is now the local representative for GIST patients here in Singapore. Her story was featured in the Life Raft Group's December 2019 newsletter.
If you know of anyone here with GIST, please do not hesitate to so we can put you through to the appropriate support networks.
Piano-Girl Studio wishes all our students well, and hopes you will continue with your music-learning journey. Feel free to continue to stay in touch by connecting with us on Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud (Pianogirl's music), WhatsApp and .